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Letter from the founder

Dear potential customers, current customers, dentists, hygienists, colleagues, friends, enemies, family, past and future lovers.

As some of you may know I'm Hamish the founder of BURST. My journey into the world of oral care began at the tender age of 19 when, in a moment of idealistic madness, I set-up my first toothbrush company. At the time I was studying anything but dentistry at University - my friends were understandably surprised. They were even more so when they saw my first product: a toothbrush that could never fall over - a self standing toothbrush for kids! However, nothing could put me off, I became obsessed with the not just my lil' wobbling creations, but the whole industry. My brother says I have the uncanny ability to bore even the most patient into an early grave with all I've learnt, but hear me out, I think you'll like what I have to say.

It's been 7 years since I first started in the industry and I've loved the ride. However, over the years, the more of the underbelly of the industry I saw, the more disheartened I became. I grew increasingly tired of the way the industry worked. It frustrated me that big brands (no need to name names) were charging an excessive amount for what I felt was a necessity - good oral health care. Why should something so fundamental to our lives not be accessible to everyone? I'd been to the factories and knew exactly what it took to get a product onto the shelves. It was therefore puzzling me why everything related to 'good teeth' cost so much. There had to be a fairer and more affordable solution that everyone would be able to benefit from.

I've learnt quite a lot over the years (my bro would say too much) but even with all that I know I could never be as informed as those who have given their life to oral care. I've never met a group so passionate and caring for their client's well being as dental professionals. They want everyone to look after their teeth to the best of their ability, it's much more than just money in their pocket to them. It's these people who really know about oral hygiene - so I sought out their advice to help find a way to offer what they felt was the best total oral care solution, for adults and kids alike.

And so BURST was born - the affordable, subscription oral care company recommended to you by your most trusted dental professional. I am proud of what we have created and super excited to share it with you. Here at BURST I've assembled a team of rockstars who'll make sure that your questions are answered, your fantastic products are despatched and that the entire experience is one you'll be wanting to brag about to your friends. We're all about transparency, honesty and being fair with our customers. But don't just take our word for it; the BURST toothbrush is actively recommended by thousands within the industry. The oral care revolution. Has started, I look forward to welcoming you onboard.



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Hamish Khayat

World-savvy surfer, living in Venice with teapot Belgian Griffin,
Nina. Oral care nerd factor: 11.


Brittany Stewart

Bookworm living in West Hollywood with sploot-loving Corgi,
Balki and husband Brandon.


Dr Shaun Flynn

Dr Shaun is not your average Dentist. His training is so extensive that it would look ridiculous to put it all down here. Let’s just say he has a degree from UC Berkeley, a doctorate from Loma Linda, and a post-grad certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry from the highest rated dental school in the country, UCLA. He knows his stuff. And yet, what struck us most when we met him was not all the fancy degrees on the walls (or his ridiculously cute baby boy), but the way he talked about his patients. Dr Shaun genuinely cares about them. He knows how important a smile is to people and how it affects the way they feel. So to improve someone’s smile and see their self-esteem increase is, in his own words, ‘exactly what I do all this for’.


Melissa Slayden

The wildest Hygenius you'll ever meet. OK born and raised.
Killer tattoos, ask her about them some time.