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  1. FWT
    I Brush My Teeth With Charcoal Powder—And They’ve Never Been Whiter

    I’m a big teeth person. When I meet someone new, the first thing I take notice of is his or her smile. So naturally, I’m obsessed with keeping my own clean and white. Fed up with how expensive whitening strips were and flabbergasted at the four-digit figure my dentist quoted me for professional teeth whitening, I recently started looking for an alternative way to make my smile a little brighter.

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  2. FWT
    Every One Loves A Great Looking Smile Right?

    I was sent the Burst Brush recently, and I was really excited, because I am always looking for great ways to take care of my teeth and keep them healthy. Burst is actually part of a newer subscription service that was founded in 2017 ( I will share more information on the service below keep reading...). This is my first time using an electrical toothbrush at home and it is something that I am getting use to still. It is very different from using a regular standard brush, but so far so good!!

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  3. FWT
    Charcoal Is The Secret To A Cleaner Mouth With The BURST Toothbrush

    It will be a lot easier to stop lying to your dentist about how often you’re brushing your teeth when you have a toothbrush that can better help you take care of your mouth. Meet Burst, a distinctively modern looking sonic toothbrush whose black charcoal coated bristles promise to leave you with shining pearly whites.

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  4. FWT
    Burst Brings An Innovative Model To Subscription Toothbrushes

    Like most success stories, it started with an idea. "I decided one day that is wasn't right that my toothbrush didn't stand up," Hamish Khayat, founder of subscription toothbrush company Burst, says.

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  5. FWT
    New Products - BURST

    The Burst sonic toothbrush has a sleek, modern design and is available in matte white or black. The toothbrush's distinctive black bristles are coated with binchotan charcoal, which collects and absorbs potentially harmful substances between teeth and gums, including bacteria, plaque, germs and other toxins.

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  6. FWT
    A Shopper's Guide To Making New Year's Resolutions That Last

    Okay, it won't make you happier but you might feel better smiling with the distinctive, subscription-only Burst sonic toothbrush. The Los Angeles-based company last year set out to disrupt the oral care industry with a brush that packs 33,000 sonic vibrations a minute, and binchotan charcoal bristles sourced from Wakayama, Japan.

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  7. FWT
    4 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Travelers

    My gift idea is BURST. A toothbrush, you ask? Yes. What better way to show someone that you care about them than by giving them a top-of-the-line toothbrush? If the science is to be believed, BURST gives out 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, which is faster than any other toothbrush on the market. Its bristles are coated in Japanese binchotan charcoal. It charges on a USB port. A one-hour charge is supposed to last for up to four weeks. It’s priced at $69.99 if you buy it directly, or discounted at $39.99 if bought from a dental professional.

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  8. Uproxx
    The Uproxx Gift Guide For Travelers and Adventurers — 2017 Edition

    D. Burst Toothbrush – Instead of stuffing their stocking with candy this year, surprise them with a Burst, a sonic toothbrush that, after just a one-hour charge, will run for four weeks! And in packs down into a compact carrying case. Finally, you can travel with a good toothbrush instead of the grimy plastic one your keep in your travel toiletry kit.

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  9. Popsugar
    Shine Bright This December With These Editor-Picked Health and Fitness Finds

    "The Burst toothbrush ($70 online or $40 through a dental professional) is giving me a reason to get excited about brushing my teeth. I love the sleek black design and the black charcoal-coated bristles. It's perfect to take with me over the holidays because it can be charged conveniently using a USB." — Genevieve Farrell Roston, producer, Fitness and Healthy Living

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  10. Dentistry
    Exciting New Dental Products For Dental Hygienists to Discover This Year

    With RDH Under One Roof approaching, companies will be debuting and highlighting new and exciting dental products to the attending hygienists. I enjoy exploring the trade shows and visiting with vendors as much as the continuing education courses. It awards the opportunity to learn about new dental products on the market and ways to provide better treatment options to patients. Read full story

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