Expanding Floss

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The Expanding Floss is clinically proven to remove 2x more plaque than regular unwaxed dental floss*.

Yes, we've made flossing twice as effective. This is all thanks to our incredible network of dentists, hygienists, and our Ambassador community of 40,000+ Dental Professionals who demanded better.

With expanding technology, soft shred-resistant black thread, a smart coating, and a delicious aroma, this floss has transformed flossing for the better. We can’t wait for you to love it, too.

Refill plan: $5 per replacement every 12 weeks.
Aroma: Mint eucalyptus
*In laboratory tests; data on file at burstoralcare.com/clinical.

Refill plan: $5.00 per replacement floss every 12 weeks

Aroma: Mint eucalyptus

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$6.99 paste refill every 12 weeks, cancel anytime.

Refill plan: $5.00 per replacement floss every 12 weeks, cancel anytime

You pay today:  $5.99 $5.99

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Co-created with 1000s of hygienists & dentists

"I love the BURST floss for its color! The black helps my patients see the plaque removal and the expanding technology has more surface area to grab bacteria."

- Kim F., RDH & BURST Ambassador

Go easy on gums

Textured, soft, shred-resistant, expanding thread scrubs away debris while pampering gums. 

Less gunk = better breath 

Clinically tested and shown to remove up to 85% of plaque on surfaces toothbrushes can’t reach and 2x more plaque than a regular unwaxed dental floss.*

*In laboratory tests. Data on file. Download at burstoralcare.com/clinical.

Instantly expands

Expands on contact with saliva to scrub more surface area than typical floss.

See the results

Get the instant satisfaction of seeing exactly what’s been lurking between your teeth, motivating you to keep on flossing!

Refillable case for less waste

Reduce and reuse with our lightweight, compact, 95% recycled plastic case and 40-yard replacement bobbins.

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