Introducing the BURST sonic
toothbrush: the finest toothbrush you'll ever buy.

Not only does it look beautiful in both black or white, it's fantastic sonic action fights surface stains and is designed to make teeth brighter and whiter in just two weeks.

Via subscription only


Cancel at any time

Sonic Toothbrush

Perfection delivered

Here's what you'll find inside your first subscription box:

1 BURST sonic toothbrush
1 USB charger
1 toothbrush head
(+ $6.00/toothbrush head every 3 months)

White Brush Heads

Beautifully black
binchotan bristles

Binchotan charcoal is proven to absorb impurities for brighter, whiter teeth

3 brushing modes

Find your perfect partner with our 3 brushing modes - whitening, sensitive and massage

White Brush Neck

Quadpacer timing

Every 30 seconds you'll feel a gentle vibrating reminder to move on to another part of your mouth

Powerful, long-lasting
lithium battery

Up to 4 week of battery life with just 1 hour of charging

Vibrating Brush

33,000 Sonic Vibrations per
minute for a superior clean

The rapidly vibrating brush head guarantees a deep clean every time

Brush Timer
Layer 1
Layer 1

Two minute timer

After you've brushed for the dentist approved 2 minutes, your brush will switch off and you're good to go

Toothbrush Quality

Add a new head every
3 months

To keep that perfect smile sparkling, we'll send you a fresh brush head every quarter