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Kids Flossables Refill

Helps teach kids to floss

$4.99 $3.99

We wanted to create a product that would make flossing fun for kids and easier for parents at brushing time!

Developed with BURST's community of 40,000+ dental professionals, many of whom are parents themselves, Flossables are easy to use and come in a delicious strawberry flavor. They feature a super-cute grippy smiley face design and come in wacky colors that kids will love, helping to keep little teeth clean and instill good dental habits early on!

With our resilient, no-shred black floss, kids will LOVE seeing the gunk come out of their mouths, while parents will appreciate that it's coated with xylitol to help prevent cavities.

Jumpstart your kids' love for flossing at a young age with Flossables.

Refill plan: $3.99 per pack every 12 weeks, cancel anytime

Refill plan: $3.99 per pack every 12 weeks, cancel anytime

You pay today:  $4.99 $3.99

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“My kids are obsessed with the flossables! They love the flavor which really encourages the habit of flossing and the easy hold handles gives them independence. This is a must have in my kids bathroom.”

— Andrea W., RDH & BURST Ambassador

Top-notch floss

Strong and soft, our shred-resistant floss is coated with naturally sweet xylitol to help reduce plaque, fight cavities, and be easy on young gums.

Playful design, irresistible taste

Crafted for small hands to be easy-to-use, with vibrant colors, fun smiley faces, and a fruit-tastic strawberry aroma children adore.

Made with the 40k+ BURST community

BURST Ambassador Dental Professionals are not only often parents, but always superhero caregivers inside the practice and out. When they tell us how to create healthy habit-builiing tools for kiddos, we listen!

A grip they won’t want to let go

Textured smiley faces handles are perfect for smaller hands with varying degrees of dexterity. Budding flossers can glide the angled, U-shaped head between teeth - even those pesky back molars!

Crafted with sustainable wheatgrass

Little ones AND planet deserve to be healthy and safe. That’s why we use biodegradable wheatgrass, compostable plant packaging and natural wax free of PFAs, BPA, Teflon and artificial colors and flavors.

Why floss early?

Flossing is a critical part of proper oral care! The earlier they learn, the stronger the habit. Brushing alone can’t remove all of the plaque and floss that builds up between teeth. Flossing helps keep these spaces squeaky clean.

When to start flossing?

Caregivers should start flossing a child’s teeth once per day as soon as they have two that touch. This is often around the age of 3.

Got questions?

More questions? Find answers on our FAQs page.