Precision Whitening Pen Refill $10

Easy whitening on-the-go


The Precision Whitening Pen is shown to whiten teeth by up to 5 shades whiter after 7 days*. Unreal, eh?!

Developed with hygienists and dentists from our extensive Ambassador community of over 40,000+ Dental Professionals, who provided continuous feedback to refine this product to perfection. This portable whitening solution can be used independently or as an ideal complement to our whitening strips or trays.

Here's how this pen outshines the competition:

  • A precision brush with a pocket design for making bold strokes on the go.
  • A powerful formula with 9% hydrogen peroxide to whiten quickly
  • Gentle enough to use daily with a soothing trifecta of coconut oil, aloe, and xylitol

**In laboratory tests. Data on file at

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Free Expanding Floss

Free Expanding Floss

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Optimized by hygienists and dentists

Thanks to the continued effort we receive from our community of 40,000+ Dental Professionals, we’ve made our whitening strips even more comfortable and effective.

Built for results

Developed with hygienists and dentists and formulated with 9% HP solution for advanced whitening results.

Targeted treatments

Precision applicator for spot treatments or touch ups when and where you need it.

Gentle to use daily

The soothing power of aloe, coconut oil, and xylitol give this pen both sensitivity fighting and stain fighting powers. 97 % of hygienists love the added trifecta of nourishing ingredients - aloe, xylitol and coconut oil.*

Quick and convenient

Simply apply, 

smile wide for 60 seconds, 

slip it back into your pocket, and go.

Mindfully made

Our vegan, gluten-free formula has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors — just effective, enamel-safe ingredients.

Hydrogen Peroxide (HP)

Oxidizing stain molecules…

Oxidizing stain molecules, this top clinically-researched ingredient helps teeth appear whiter.


Working to reduce sensitivity…

Working to reduce sensitivity, this naturally derived sweetener promotes salivary flow to help deposit minerals onto teeth.

Coconut oil

Moisturizes and nourishes...

Moisturizes and nourishes to help promote a comfortable whitening experience.

Aloe vera

Helps hydrate soft tissue and gums...

Helps hydrates soft tissue and gums while providing a boost of antioxidants.

Whiten anytime, anywhere

At home or on the go, whitening applications are easy with this portable pen. 96% of hygienists thought it was easy to use on-the-go.* Let Registered Dental Hygienist Charlotte show you how .

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