Original Brush Head Refill

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Hygienist-developed replacement head for the Original Sonic Toothbrush.

Refill plan: $7.00 Replacement head every 12 weeks, cancel anytime

You pay today:  $8.00 $7.00

The best bristles

Dental pros like our soft bristles because they gently and effectively reach below the gumline — hard bristles can lead to gum recession and increased tooth sensitivity! 

How our bristles are better

Super Soft

Ask any dental pro; gentler is better! Super soft bristles break up plaque while saving gums and enamel from trauma. They’re also flexible for accessing hard-to-reach debris.


Like using dozens of springy, tiny toothpicks! Every bristle ends in a slight taper to slip between teeth and below the gumline where bacteria love to hide. 


Lots of different lengths = a larger surface area cleaned. Get around grooves, under gums, and into tight spaces all while polishing teeth to a shiny, pearly white! 

Engineered to perfection

Crafted using an overmolded injection process, which is a fancy way of saying our brush heads are durable, flexible, multifunctional, and effective!

Designed by dental professionals

Developed and offered in partnership with our 40,000+ BURST Ambassador Dental Professionals.

Made for the Original Sonic Toothbrush

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